GNG Music Instruction | Jesse Vargas
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Jesse Vargas

Jesse picked up his first guitar at age 12, and started private lessons with instructor Chris Skrobot a week later. He has been playing ever since, and his passion for the guitar and music continues to grow. Jesse has been playing locally for 12 years including several battle of the bands, local shows, and performing at the 2005 Warped tour.  Jesse’s love for the guitar led him to Galloup Guitar School in Michigan, where he completed the Master Luthier Program. This elite program has provided him the knowledge to build and repair custom guitars and fretted instruments. Along with playing, he can also help students learn proper maintenance techniques.  Jesse has the ability to play many different types of music, but primarily he enjoys classic rock, hard rock, and heavy metal. He hopes to pass on to his students his knowledge of the guitar, and his passion for music. He looks forward to helping students expose their talent and reach their musical goals.

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